Jewel Quest Solitaire combines unique tri-peaks solitaire gameplay with the popular match-three gameplay of Jewel Quest Expeditions.

The solitaire cards are arranged in a variety of quirky patterns and classic vertical lines. Cards in play are moved to the foundation pile if they are one value higher or lower than the card on top of the pile. Featuring on the top screen is the Jewel Quest board, and as you play solitaire, gems will drop into the board depending on the suit of cards you play.

Playing long runs of sequential cards will earn you more jewels. The goal of the game is to turn the entire board to gold by matching sets of three. In Jewel Quest Solitaire the tiles will turn to gold if you cause three or more matching jewels to line up through your solitaire playing. Once you’ve finished your hand you will be given a chance to complete the jewel board and earn bonus points!

With two gameplay modes, you can either play in Full Quest Mode and follow the story of archeologist adventurer, Rupert Peck, featured in the popular Jewel Quest series or play in Just Card Mode and practice your solitaire hand!

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